Glossary Of AvailableFinishes


Suede (SD) Low gloss, textured finish.
Crystal (CR) Fine pebble grained finish with medium gloss.
Stonex (SX) Three dimensional texture that resembles natural stone & exceeds all industry wear resistance standards.


Matte (60) Textured finish with a moderate reflective quality
Fine Velvet (38) A smooth textured finish with moderate reflective value.
Crystal (90) A very finely beaded texture that minimizes smudges and finger marks, and disguises scratches and wear.
Quarry (52) A smooth, high sheen surface with small scale fissures embedded randomly, similar to characteristics that are naturally associated with organic like materials.
Gloss  (01) A mirror sheen finish, which gives a smooth brilliant finish
Textured Gloss (07) A textured finish which reproduces the sheen of waxed wood furniture
Antique (22) A mixture of varying low gloss features, indicative of the surgace of aged stone or antique metal.
High Definition Mirage(35) A medium scale texture carrying a matte-gloss differential that provides an optical surface effect that adds dimension and depth to laminate.
High Definition Facet(45) A medium to small scale texture providing an optical surface effect that adds dimension and depth to laminate. It is comprised of a blend of matte and gloss areas.
High Definition Glaze(55) A layering of matte features over a glaze of semi-gloss, creating a time worn effect



Matte (58)

A finish that imparts a warm, pleasing effect that enhances the beauty of colour and produces a greater clarity and depth.

Scovato (34)

A lightly textured surface and smooth to the touch with a low gloss appearance.

Crystal (42)

A small scale textured finish which imparts a brighter, more durable finish.

Artisan (43)

Resembles hand rubbed, oiled finish to produce fine wood furniture and surfaces.

Etchings (46)

A softly polished and etched surface dappled with highlights from tiny fractures and fissures reminiscent to those found in natural granite and stone.

Radiance (RD)

Shimmering brilliant smooth gloss finish as penetrated with texture. It is complimented by 3D holographic facets that refract and reflect light in natural-veined patterns highlighting stone and granite looks.


Breccia (BC) A finish that displays the effects of time and the elements; smooth, yet lightly pitted, it confers the appearance of stone laid centuries ago.
Cashmere (CA) A matte texture with a slight sheen
Diamond (DI) A fine beaded texture which minimizes smudges, finger marks and offers optimum scratch resistance.
Impression (PIM) A matte, pre-polished finish to resemble stone’s essential nature
Luminous (LM) A softly polished stone texture that displays the effects of gentle weathering.
Refined Matte (RM) A special, smooth non-gloss finish resembling actual wood veneer
Velvatex (VL) or (PVL) A smooth, furniture finish texture
Vista (PVL) A polished, glossy stone finish with a lustrous look


Textured (T) A finish with fine graining that softens patterns and solids


Matte  (MT) A low gloss finish
Pietra (PT) A finish created by contrast between Gloss and Matte features that appear randomly in the laminate
Splendor (SP) A natural look, appropriate for marble and granite patterns, which enhances the brightness of the design
Gloss  (GL) A high sheen finish