Countertop Mitres

Detailed Definitions of Countertop Mitres

Unsure which type of mitre you need? Perhaps you have an unusual layout, or require a special mitre to allow for an appliance or raised shelf? Here we describe the most common types of countertop mitres and include line drawings for each to help understanding why or where they would they would be used.

Butt Joint Mitre

Butt Joint:

For countertops over 144"
A joint used to extend the length of a countertop. Two 90 degree cuts joined together to form a continuous piece of countertop. Keep in mind that there will be a visible seam at this joint. We do our best to make this joint invisible by putting it as far away as possible from a high use area.

Half Mitre or Butt Joint with Mitre

Mitre with Butt Joint:

'L' shape with a partial butt joint. An option for lengths over 144" with a mitre on one end.
This mitre is a partial "butt joint" where the overall length of the countertop needs to be between 144" and 166.5". The butt joint may now be incorporated into a standard mitre joint. The charge for the butt joint is in addition to the charge of the regular / standard mitre charge.

Standard 90 degree Mitre

Standard Mitre:

Joining countertops of same depth around corners.
Typically a 90 degree angled countertop manufactured with two 45 degree angle cuts. It can also be a 45 degree angled countertop manufactured with two 22.5 degree angle cuts.

Reverse (outside) Mitre

Reverse Mitre:

The reverse of a standard mitre where the front roll and backsplash are reversed. It is recommended that the outside corner be rounded or angled.

Bulkhead Mitre

Bulkhead Mitre:

Used for joining different depth wings together.
This mitre is used to join one standard depth countertop with a non-standard sized countertop. You will have a post-formed backsplash on the standard sized top and you must have a square backsplash or a clean cut back on the other side. 
NOTE: The charge of the square backsplash and the non-standard sized top are not included in the price for the bulkhead mitre.

Double Mitre With Shelf

Double Mitre with Shelf:

Special design feature sometimes used for corner appliance (i.e. sink, cooktop).
Two 22.5 degree standard mitres forming a 90 degree countertop along the back walls. The triangle at the rear is filled in with a shelf. The charge for the mitre includes the shelf. The front dimension of the middle piece of countertop is critical. Make sure that the dimension for the corner cabinet is supplied and that the front middle piece is indeed at a 45 degree angle to the walls. Please see drawing above.

Out of Square Mitre

Out of Square Mitre:

Any angled countertop in which the angle is other than 45 or 90 degrees.
A template is suggested or the exact degree of the angle supplied. An additional charge is applied for an out of square mitre.

Lazy Susan Mitre

Lazy Susan Mitre

Special design feature sometimes used for corner appliances (sink, cooktop).

Dog Leg Mitre

Dog Leg Mitre:

Joining different depth wings while maintaining standard Postform backsplash.
A zigzag cut which allows the joining of two postformed backsplash countertops with different depth sizes, without the need for a square backsplash anywhere.
NOTE: Standard angle 90 degrees unless quoted.

Inset Lazy Susan Mitre

Inset Lazy Susan Mitre:

Special design feature. Call or come in for a consult.

Inset Double Mitre

Inset Double Mitre

Special design feature. Call or come in for a consult.

Inset Double Mitre With Shelf

Inset Double Mitre with Shelf

Special design feature. Call or come in for a consult.