Important Technical Info

Wide Bar Support

Kitchen designs of today have incorporated more wide bars (36"-51") island applications. I have found that some are not being supported adequately. I would recommend double core solid built-up for the overhang and then add consumer type brackets to take the play/bounce out of the countertop. Inadequate support could also cause laminate stress crack issues especially if there is a slide-in stove or sink in the wide bar.

Stress cracks caused from improper cut-outs, non-support of the back of the sink, and improper support of the wide bar applications are not covered by the laminate manufacturers or Cutting Edge Countertops. More information and confirmation about stress cracks can be found on Formica's and Wilsonart's website.

Sink Cut-Outs and Slide-in Stove Cut-Outs

All cutouts for both sinks and slide-in stoves must have a minimum 1/8" radius on the inside corners to avoid laminate stress cracks. Once the radius has been made, sand the cutouts smooth with a file or sandpaper to get rid of any jagged edges. You should also ensure that you have proper support all around the sink cut-out, because of the weight (up to 170 lbs) when the sink is full of water. Some new/existing cabinet construction have no back support in the sink cabinet at all. Slide-in stove feet should be adjusted so that the weight of the stove is on the feet, not on the countertop itself.