Glossary of Terms

Angle Cut

A section of countertop "cut off" to your specifications - dimensions given must be specific. Angle cut charges are in addition to the charge for laminate edging.

Appliance Finished End

Laminate applied to "core section" of countertop only - no 11/16" build up applied and excess laminate is trimmed off - indicated as FC on drawings. See also "Profile End".

Bar Top

Countertop which extends out into the center area of a room - it can be attached to the rest of the countertop, or freestanding in the middle of the room.

Standard sizes for a bar (aka island or peninsula) are 26-1/2", 26-3/4" and 27" depending on the profile chosen. All profiles also available in 15" depth.


Straight, postformed countertops manufactured and trimmed to "blank" sizes of 8', 10' and 12' only. The countertops are available for purchase by customers who must now cut to size and finish the ends.


11/16" particle board strips applied to the underside of the countertop (front and back). They are used to help raise the countertop higher than the original to assist in "lining up" the new backsplash height to the old backsplash height, or if there isn't any room to open cabinet doors, this will let the doors openly freely.


Standard no-drip, postformed countertop - has a "bump" on the front lip and the the lower face edge is flat and square. The backsplash measures 4" off the "deck".

Classic Edge


Custom sized countertops - cut to exact sizes and finished to the customer's specifications.

Cut Back

Postformed countertop with rolled front edge, clean cut back must be specified or it will be made with a postformed backsplash.

Cut Front

Postformed countertop with a rolled backsplash. Clean cut front must be specified or it will be made with a postformed front.


Any section of countertop which needs to be removed to allow for access around an obstacle.


Working surface of the countertop.

Finished End

Flat laminated edge applied to the end of the countertop - standard finished end has an 11/16" particleboard strip stapled to the underside of the top to make up the 1.5" thickness of the countertop.


Postformed countertop with 180 degree wrapped front edge, with 3" back splash off the "deck".

Finesse Edge

Flat Top

A custom sized flat (square edged) countertop - all exposed edges are either square laminated, wood or solid surface edged. If required, a square backsplash can be applied.


Standard depth is 25-1/2" from front roll to back of backsplash.

Laminate Edging

Plastic laminate edge treatment applied to the edge of the countertop prior to the application of surface laminate (in case of a "flat" top) or applied after the postformed countertop has been altered to the dimensions specified. An 11/16" build up is generally applied to give the appearance of a 1.5" edge on the countertop.


See the Mitres page for complete descriptions and sketches.

Narrow Bar

Any (non-standard) size under 26-1/2", 26-3/4" or 27", depending on profile chosen.

Non-Standard Depth

A non-standard depth countertop may be made for your customer. This requires a specific sized core to be manufactured on a one time basis and will take an extra week to be manufactured. Any size other than standard, must have a non-standard upcharge price applied.


Postformed countertop with a slightly sloped (45 degree angle) front roll with a 3" high backsplash off the "deck".

Nova Edge

Postformed Countertop

A countertop which is composed of a particle board core in which the front and back rolls have been shaped to the profile requested. The laminate is applied over this "core" with the aid of contact cement. The exact temperature required to bend the laminate is then applied and rolled to conform to the shape of the core without breaking or burning it.


The contour or shape of the countertop as viewed from the side. Some profiles have different up-charges depending on demand and difficulty of manufacturing process.

All Edge Profiles

Profile Finished End

Laminate applied to the "core" section of countertop only - no 11/16" build up is applied - used when overhang of less than 3/4" is requiredwith a countertop that has NO build-up strips - indicated with the FC. See Finished Core, or Appliance End.


Postformed "D" wrapped countertop - with 3" backsplash off the "deck".

Regency Edge

Round Corner

A curved finish usually applied to the front roll of a countertop (standard round corner is 1.5"). Make sure you have allowed enough overhang past your cabinets. NOTE: Round corner charges are in addition to the charge for a finished end.

Scribe End (Side or End Splash)

A three sided laminated "box" attached to the end of the countertop. This scribe end is used where the countetop butts up to a wall or oven cabinet. When dealing with two side splashes (wall at each end of countertop) it is recommended that the top and face laminate pieces be left loose on both scribes, this will allow installation of the countertop between the two walls.

Self Edge Countertop (Flat Top)

Custom made by cutting particle board core to any size or shape - laminate edges are applied, then the top surface laminate is applied over the core. Square backsplash may be applied at this time if requested. The top is priced per square foot (length times the width) times the appropriate cost per square foot plus additional services required (laminate edging, round corners, cut-outs, angle cuts, etc.) Waste laminate must also be accounted for as we cannot use the wasted or excess material required. NOTE: Wood or Solid surface materials may be applied instead of laminate edges.


Wood edge countertops (pine, oak, cherry or maple) may be installed on postformed countertops and self-edged countertops. Priced per lineal foot for postformed tops and per square foot of material required for self-edged countertops. NOTE: Postformed countertops will have a 3-1/4" high backsplash off the "deck".


Postformed 180 degree, no-drip countertop (has bump) with a 3" high backsplash off the "deck".

Sienna Edge

Square Backsplash

A square backsplash is attached to the self-edged or postformed countertops where the customer has requested. It is not a waterproof method of installing a backsplash, as the process requires a joint where the splash meets the "deck". The top laminate edge will be affixed unless there are three sides of a square backsplash involved (three walls).


A symmetrical arc used to finish off the end of a bar. A laminate edge is applied to this area. You must specify the size of the "sweep".


Generalized term to describe a special surface finish on the laminate.


Standard depths are 22 1/2" and 23 1/4".

Wide Bar

Standard sizes are 30", 33", 36", 39", 42", 45", and 48".